Rules for Posting on StriperBoard

Thanks to many generous contributors, a large quantity of valuable information exists within the messages on StriperBoard. The following policy has been established to protect this message board from usage, which experience has shown, are detrimental to StriperBoard..

By posting a message on StriperBoard, you agree to accept the rules and abide by them. If you do not agree with the rules or guidelines then do not post messages on StriperBoard.

Summary of some of the frequently violated rules

  • Messages critical of an individual, group, business, commercial product, etc., cannot be posted anonymously. They will be deleted and the poster may be restricted or banned from StriperBoard.
  • Replying to, commenting on, or re-posting inappropriate messages is just a serious, causes just as much or more problems and can result in the poster being banned from StriperBoard.
  • Messages FOR or AGAINST (Pro or Con) any commercial product such as: items for sale, businesses, guide services, etc., cannot be posted anonymously (if there is no name and email address or other contact info and StriperBoard administration does not know who posted. It will be deleted in most cases.
  • DO NOT post comments or questions about these rules or deleted messages on StriperBoard, contact This may result in loss of one's ability to access StriperBoard.
  • Repeated violation of these rules may result in loss of one's ability to access StriperBoard.
  • More detailed explanation of these rules is below. These rules became necessary from abuse which has been previously experienced on StriperBoard and are necessary to protect the viability of this forum from postings such as, but not limited to:
    • the author may be promoting their own financial interests, by anonymous self promotion, or anonymous negative remarks about a competitor.
    • the author has something critical or negative to say about someone which they wouldn't say if their identity were known.
  • Any post may be deleted at any time with no reason given and totally at the desecration of StriperBoard Admin.


  1. StriperBoard is an open message board with approx. 8,000-10,000 hits/day. These rules/guidelines are necessary to preserve and protect StriperBoard's effectiveness   StriperBoard is not associated with or owned by any particular club or organization and is provided by the webmaster as a means of information exchange for those interested in Striped Bass fishing. The use of this board is encouraged for all individuals, clubs or organizations who wish to discuss Striped Bass and abide by these rules. If you have any questions or comments about these rules/guidelines send your question to Do not post comments or questions about these rules on StriperBoard

  2. You are welcome to disagree with posts and debate various issues within these guidelines.  If you have suggestions or comments regarding these rules/guidelines, email them to DO NOT post suggestions or comments regarding:  these rules/guidelines, or deleted messages, on StriperBoard.

  3. a. All messages and photo's must be striped bass related. StriperBoard is for the discussion of Striped Bass which includes: tactics, reports, conservation, biology, tackle, questions, answers, boats, towing, lakes, bait, striper fishermen and their family, striper clubs, tournaments, and jokes, jabs etc. that are in good taste.    Posts primarily focused on off topics such as Largemouth, Crappie, Catfish, Hunting or other sports, other than Striped Bass Fishing, will be deleted.    In a nut shell, try to stay on topic and in good taste.

    b. Posting Photo's (read these instructions carefully: StriperBoard does not host images, photos, or pictures for users, If you wish to share a an image/photo/picture, we recommend uploading it to Once it is on the photobucket website the image can be shared on the internet. For each image or picture, photobucket will provide four (4) links. Only two (2) of these links can be used to share photos or other images on StriperBoard
    "Direct link" -- Only the link labeled "Direct link" can be used in StriperBoard's "Optional Image URL: " field. Copy the direct link from photobucket and paste it into to StriperBoard's "Optional Image URL: ". Be sure to replace any text already in in this field. When you have done this and "Submit" your post to StriperBoard, the image should show up centered above your message.
    Do not place links or URL's to web pages in the "Optional Image URL" field, it will not work.
    "HTML code" link -- This link can be used to share more than one image or photo in a single message. The "HTML code" link can be copied from photobucket and pasted directly into the your message. You can copy the "HTML code" link from more than one photo into the message you are preparing to post on StriperBoard. DO NOT paste the"HTML code in any of the fields below the message body of your post -- this link can only be posted in the message body (above or below or in the middle of your message. When you have done this and submit your post, the image or photo will show up in the text of your message where ever you pasted the "HTML code"

  4. a. If you have a grievance (complaint/gripe) with an individual, members of a club, organization or group, StriperBoard is not the appropriate place to discuss it.

    b. Harsh criticism of a club, organization or group must not be posted on StriperBoard - such discussion should be made by the members of that club, group or organization within the organizational structure of that body of members as members of that body are responsible for choosing their leadership and/or are free to join or not join and/or participate if it does not suit them. If you feel you have an issue which needs discussion and you see no way to do it without violating this rule, please contact the by email.
        However, constructive comments or suggestions related to clubs, organizations or other groups, when made in a polite/tactful manner are permitted but must not be made anonymously and must include the personal (non web based) e-mail address and name of the poster. Such posts should not be redundant (see 5.c.).

    c. Negative messages related to retail or other consumer products must not be made anonymously, critical and/or negative messages of this type, must include the personal (non web based) e-mail address and name of the poster.

    d. Chitchat, teasing, joking and lighthearted post made in good taste are permitted anonymously but care should be taken to not to violate the above rules.

  5. a. Any message containing profanity, obscenities, vulgar/dirty/coarse/graphic language, personal attacks, threats, or otherwise considered inappropriate, will be deleted.    Messages may be deleted at any time with no reason given.    An entire thread may be deleted if it contains inappropriate posts.    Do not reply to obviously inappropriate posts.    If you see a post you believe to be inappropriate, please notify the webmaster at or call and report it at: (864)224-2414 or (864)958-6334.

    b. Posting of personal striped bass fishing related items for sale are permitted and should be kept to a minimum (generally, one per week per user is sufficient -- follow-ups are permitted for questions/answers, etc.).    Excessive posting of items for sale will lead to stricter restrictions or loss of privileges.

    c. Everyone who has something to sell, naturally, uses every way possible to promote their business interests. Therefore, StriperBoard must limit commercial posting. Posts related to subjects, other than personal items covered in rule 5.b. above, in which the poster has a financial interest, i.e., from commercial dealers, their agents or aliases, are limited to one per month. If you would like to place a fixed ad or ad banner on StriperBoard, please contact Placing an ad on StriperBoard does not alter this rule.
        In order to allow discussion of striped bass related commercial products / services, reference to related commercial products is allowed as explained in the following paragraph.
        No one should submit repetitive posts which say basically the same thing as another recent post by them or someone else. If you like a commercial striped bass related service, product, event, etc., feel free to say so unless someone has recently posted the same views or opinions. In order to allow free information exchange, a reasonable amount of commercial discussion is allowed when other rules are not violated. All messages containing discussion of commercial items cannot be posted anonymously and must include the an email address which is traceable to the poster -- free email accounts such as gmail, hotmail, etc., which can be setup anonymously, do not qualify. Repeated references to anything commercial should be avoided and if StriperBoard Admin. considers it unreasonable, it will be deleted. Repeated violations by a specific user may result loss of privileges. If you like a commercial striped bass related service, product, event, etc., feel free to say so unless someone has recently posted the same views or opinions.
        If you feel there is enough interest for an opinion poll on a striped bass related subject, please contact the by email for consideration.

    d. Posting links/URL's to other fishing message boards/forum sites which do not allow links to or are recurring in an effort to draw users away from StriperBoard, or are made anonymously, are strictly prohibited and are considered exploitation. StriperBoard encourages as many users as possible to discuss striped bass on StriperBoard since it is primarily these users that make this board function. StriperBoard should not be used to for any purpose which reduces it's own functionality. (Clarification: This means, any web sites other than striper clubs, which contain a message board or forum that serves the same function as StriperBoard.)

  6. Please try to make your posts informative and make the subject line reflect the message as much as possible.

  7. For messages that are communication between you and another individual, and not of any public interest, please use e-mail or other private means. Such messages dilute the usefulness of StriperBoard for the public.    If you need to ask for someone's e-mail address or phone number, or ask an individual a question that you feel would be of interest to the readers of StriperBoard please feel free to post such a request.    However, everyone should respect the privacy of others and not post their private phone number or e-mail address unless you are sure it is OK with that individual.

  8. Being an open forum the webmaster / owner of StriperBoard is not responsible for the contents of messages posted on StriperBoard. Inappropriate messages, when recognized as such, will be deleted as rapidly as possible.

  9. Claims of action, flames, and calls to action against any company or person will be removed. Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster.    Personal exposure: Any posting of another individual's personal information, without permission, will be deleted when recognized as such.    When a message is posted on, you are granting a soft license to the site to use it.

  10. Any messages which may incite or encourage others to violate these rules will be deleted. Deletion of any message or thread is totally at the discretion of the webmaster, although there is no obligation to do so. Posters are responsible for the content of their posts and StriperBoard and the webmaster are not responsible for the content of StriperBoard but will try to delete inappropriate post as soon as possible (See rule 5.a.). StriperBoard does not accept postings promoting non-Christian spiritual, occult, occultic or otherwise controversial organizations or entities. Determination of the above is at the desecration of StriperBoard's administration.

  11. If you do not agree with these rules, then do not post messages on Although not a routine practice, the ability exists to search back thru StriperBoard's web server access files and/or a user's ISP and trace a post back to the source computer. In extreme cases this ability will be used to prevent continued abuse.

  12. If you post a message and it does not appear on StriperBoard:
    After posting a new message, the server should take you back to the main message list within about 4 seconds.    If you do not see the NEW message you posted in the list you may have to press the Reload or Refresh button on your browser. Depending on your local browser settings, the message may not automatically update to show new posts.

    Check this file often for updates.

                         Thank you for using StriperBoard,
                     The webmaster

                     Capt. "Duck" McDonald

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