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Posted by john smink on June 27, 2019 at 08:27:16:

In Reply to: Re: +++++ ALERT!!!!LAKE HARTWELL STRIPER FISHERS++++++++ posted by Cliff Bowman on June 27, 2019 at 06:25:33:

Anything is worth a shot. However, hydroelectric plants are in the business of making power/money. Any water going through gates or over a spillway is lost revenue, and this is not in their business plan. The only way to change the IN=OUT (Out being in the form of water running through the turbines) is most likely through mitigation. A small group of anglers will not change this. A large group of environmentalist with the backing of a team of legal process is about the only thing that will get the operators/manangers to change their business plan.

Find an endangered or threatened warm water species downstream, give this info to the correct environmental group and you have a chance at getting the COE to change where the intake location is in the lake. This would force the COE to release warm water or to at least not release 100% cold water. Anything that can be done to preserve this critical habitat in the lake would be helpful.

It was through the legal process and mitigation the other lakes received O2 lines. I don't know what it was they mitigated for other than at Lake Greenwood. Lake Greenwood was releasing low O2 water and was causing fish kills downstream. They were required to install O2 lines in the lake, which increased the O2 levels going through the turbines and in turn in the downstream habitat. Lake Hartwell turbines are equipped with O2 producing baffles according to the manager and therefore the water below the dam has sufficient O2 levels to sustain the 'native' fishery.

As I stated previously, there are several measures the COE could take to preserve the critcal habitat for the stripers. But this is a put and take fishery. If walleye were native to the Savannah River, and I don't know the answer to that, there is a chance Hartwell could be mitagated for this species. And this would also benefit the stripers. Walleye was one of the three species that are killed when the critical habitat for stripers is depleted.

We need to do some more research on affected species in the lake and below the dam if you want something to be done.

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